I suck at blogging

But maybe 2023 is the year I do something about that...

Year: 2023

I didn’t post a single article in 2022. I had lots of ideas for the kinds of things I wanted to write. Stunning interactive masterpieces that would delight and amaze.

But every time I sat down to actually create something, I ended up creatinginstead. Now, there’s nothing wrong with daft stuff, but it was just fancy procrastination.

A sad realisation…

Towards the end of the year I was starting to work on my 2022 recap, since I’d had a lot of fun building my 2021 recap. Now, I haven’t finished my recap yet, but if I’d gotten around to it then it would have a fancy graph that would look something like this:

The only positive is that this graph made me spot a bug in my BarChart component that didn’t like all the values being 0 (which isn’t something that should ever need a graph).

Something witty about centralisation

Around this time there was a bit of a surge of interest in RSS, owning your own content, the indie-web, the fediverse and other similar things that I’m a big fan of. Mastodon picked up some steam and, unlike the last time I tried it, people were actually posting things to it!

One of the things that cropped up on my Mastodon feed was a call to Bring Back Blogging. The idea is simple enough: commit publicly to posting at least 3 times to your own personal site in January.

I’m kind of cheating…

So this slightly rambling post is my first of 3! There’ll be a recap at the end of January as well so I can see how I got on, so really I only need to write one post.

I’ve got a few ideas of things I want to write about:

Lets see how many I can knock out before the end of the month!