Old Changelog

Not so latest Changes

This is the changelog from my old Gatsby site. See the latest changes for my new site.


  • Refactored my Destiny Timer to use date-fns since I'm already using it for the age on my about page.


  • Started highlighting my TODOs on the actual site. It seems in keeping with the whole "learn in public" deal. Created a new component to display them consistently. Might look at collating them all into a todo list page of some kind.



  • Also trying out Umami for self hosted statistics. It doesn't store anything specific about visitors, and doesn't rely on storing anything client side like cookies, which is nice.


  • Trying out Plausible for stats, because they're privacy focused and store no information, and I love graphs.
  • Made my build pipeline even more complicated.


  • Fixed the logic that works out my age on my about page.
  • Moved that logic into a new <Age> component that makes it more fun.
  • Fixed some a11y issues with my <Flipper> and <Age> components and keyboard navigation.


  • New Year: New faster site.
  • Switched from react to preact, reduced the JS bundle by 25%.


  • Finally caved and moved over to Github.
  • Updated a few links on the site from Gitlab to Github.
  • Spent far too long migrating my Gitlab CI over to Github actions.


  • Fixed an iOS rendering issue on Destiny timers.
  • Destiny Xur timer now counts down his leaving time as well as arrival.


  • Updated my 12 in 12 page.
  • Added bit more personality to the 12 in 12 statuses.



  • More list style tweaking
  • Added a new <YesScript> component, so that things that require JS can be hidden when JS is disabled.


  • Tweaked the header sizing. I like it.
  • Started working on the footer. Still a work in progress, but it's getting there.
  • Added a placeholder page to link to site feeds.
  • Playing with list items again, cannot get them how I want them.


  • Added descriptions to RSS feeds.
  • Fixed a few issues so I now have a valid RSS feed and a valid JSON feed.
  • My "builder" docker image only gets rebuilt when it's needed. This makes no difference to you, but it cuts 5 minutes off my deploy times!


  • Simplify the partially active nav logic.
  • Added a bunch of punctuation to this page...


  • Fixed the flipper jumping the page to the top.
  • Fixed print display in dark mode.
  • Added link text when printing.
  • Other printy fixes, like preventing code blocks from spanning pages.
  • Fixed dates on articles.
  • Fixed some transitions that were occuring with reduce motion on.
  • Added active navigation links on child links.
  • Sticky sidebar on 12 in 12.


  • More consistent vertical rythm.
  • A new styleguide page.


  • Undid the new header, didn't like it.
  • Tidier, more consistent styling.


  • A much prettier header.


  • Dark toggle moved to header.
  • Mobile menu toggle.
  • Sitemap/robots.txt.


  • Some a11y fixes.
  • Refactored my so it can be used elsewhere.
  • Rejigged my 'draft' functionality.
  • Some nicer styling on article list.


  • An About page!
  • The first attempt at my gallery component.



  • Hopefully fixed cloudflare caching.
  • MDX support.


  • Tidied up dark mode logic to prevent flashes on toggle button.


  • Respect prefers-reduced-motion for animations.
  • Now with actual under-construction.gif (well, .svg).
  • Slightly tweak code snippet styling.


  • Moved hosting over to a custom docker container, and tweaked all the caching and things.
  • Moved styling over to styled components. Not sure if I'll keep them or not.
  • Linked headers, smart punctuation, smarter internal links. Thanks plugins!


  • Simple dark mode toggle.


  • Banged my face against configuring dokku.
  • Moved back to gitlab pages.


  • Moved from gitlab pages to dokku (this is here so I can see if it worked).


  • Playing with hover/focus effects.
  • Project repo link styling.
  • Images in CMCUCUP.
  • Better footer.
  • Menu generated from code.


  • Added PWA goodness with offline support.
  • Some a11y fixes.


  • Some colour and layout.
  • Dark mode.
  • 12 in 12.


  • Added articles listing page.
  • Added projects listing page.
  • Added main navigation.
  • Added post dates to articles.
  • Hide articles from lists if no date.
  • Hide articles from lists if draft.


  • Added new projects page type.
  • Added CMCUCP page.
  • Fixed automatically generated slugs.


  • New version of this site uploaded.
  • Automatic builds and hosting on gitlab pages.
  • Added this /changelog page.