Looking forward to a new year that is hopefully better than the last one.

I was planning to do a review of 2020, but honestly 2020 was a bit crap and the less said about it the better, so I've decided instead to review what I want to do in 2021.

You might think this is just new year's resolutions, but it's completely different, because new year's resolutions never work.

So here's what I'm hoping to do more of in 2021.

Go out (or failing that: see people)

Obvious one really, but I'm hoping to go out, maybe even see some people. Even before the whole pandemic thing, having a young child and working from home had basically turned me into a hermit, so in 2021 I'm going to make an effort to actually see other humans. Hopefully that will be in person, but if not then at least some more online conversations.

Do more open source

I've even moved over from Gitlab to Github in anticipation for this one. I've used open source for years, and occasionally contribute a patch or pull request, but this year I'm hoping to get a bit more involved in some projects, open source more of my own projects (like this site!), and generally just give a bit more back.

More fun little projects

I want to do some more little projects like my Destiny reset timer. They're generally an excuse to play around with tech and concepts that doesn't really come up in my day-to-day work, they only take a few days to throw together, and they're good fun.

Write more

I wrote a massive 3 articles on my site in 2020 (not counting several drafts that might end up getting posted this year instead), and I think I can do better. I'm not committing to a post every day, or even 1 a week, but there will be more of them. Actually getting my thoughts down into words and then publishing them for all to see is something I really struggle with, so let's see how well I do.

And that's it

I presume I'll do more than 4 total things in 2021, at least from a personal point of view. We've got a second baby on the way and the first one will be going to nursery, so that's a whole other side of 2021 I'll be looking forward to.

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Published Friday, 1st January 2021
Updated Monday, 9th January 2023