Latest Changes

September 2021

  • Moved from next-mdx-remote to mdx-bundler
  • Removed d2api/date, using Bungie API to get Destiny season dates.
  • Did some tidying on the old version of my site.
  • Spotify tracks now share an audio player, rather than having a player each.
  • Spotify tracks now bounce along with the music. Sometimes it looks odd.
  • Spotify tracks show the album art and details when playing.
  • Browser theme colour now respects theme choice.
  • Now properly handling the iPhone notch.

August 2021

  • Ported 12 in 12 from my old site, integrating it with IGDB.
  • Refactored several components into a new 'Card' component which I'm now overusing.
  • New Homepage
  • Added a new custom icon system. Check out how I generate my icons from a Figma file
  • Moved theme selection out of the styled-components theme layer and into CSS variables so I can avoid the flash of the default theme.
  • Dynamic favicon based on user theme.

July 2021

  • Better markdown content styling
  • Radix components for toggle groups and collapsible elements.
  • Switched to using Radix Colours instead of a customisable hue, because colour a11y is a hard and I'll let someone else handle it.
  • Added RSS and JSON feeds for articles.
  • Custom Hearthstone decklist components.
  • Ported my Destiny Timer from my old site, and added some Destiny API helpers.

June 2021

  • Updated to Next.js 11.
  • Added some fun Steam API experiements.
  • Added some fun Spotify API fiddling.
  • Better code blocks.
  • A complete rebuild in next.js.
  • I'm currently porting things over from the old Gatsby site.
  • A fully customisable colour scheme. Read more on how I did it.

The before times