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Complete Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronological Playlist

This is a simple script that generates a Plex playlist with everything in your library from the MCU, in chronological order (according to this MCU timeline).

// @file: shell session
$ docker run --rm ghcr.io/pjnes/cmcucp [email protected] Pa55w0rd PlexServerName Logged in to PlexServer as [email protected] Removing existing playlist called 'Complete MCU Chronological Playlist' ... Added a whole bunch of Marvel goodness ---------------------------------------------------- The following files could not be found to add to the playlist. ... Some Marvel goodness you don't have in Plex Run the script again once these items are in Plex. ---------------------------------------------------- Enjoy 14 days and 7 hours of the MCU!

Fun fact: This is about 15 days of continuous video.

The whole thing is available as a docker container, partly to simplify the process of handling dependencies, but mostly to have a play with the Gitlab's CI stuff, and the container registry.

The source is available on Github