Spotify Testing

This is just somewhere to play around with some Spotify components I'm working on. SSR is generated server side, but should regen every ~5 minutes.

I am preemptively blaming anything on here that might be considered embarassing on either my wife or my sons. Even if it's actually me. You'll never know.

My Currently playing Spotify song, loading data client side

Still want to do more with this, could show current progress on the song etc.

If I'm not listening it will show my most recent track.

Some manually added Spotify songs, with data loaded client side

This is just for fun, but could be handy to embed songs within mdx posts.

My Top 4 Spotify Tracks with SSR

I've listened to the Life is Strange: Before the Storm soundtrack a lot, so that's basically this. Just a thought, I should add a way to embed playlists and albums.

My 4 most recent tracks, with SSR

Similar to the top tracks, but it shows when I listened instead of the album name.

My Top 10 Artists

I'm not sure what I want to do with this yet data, the images for artists are a lot less consistent vs albums.

  1. Incubus
  2. Reel Big Fish
  3. Tenacious D
  4. Moo Music
  5. The Offspring
  6. Leonid Antonov
  7. Huma
  8. Hoobastank
  9. Rebecka Aether
  10. blink-182